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नेपाल लघु जलशक्ति बिकाश सँस्था
Nepal Micro Hydro Development Association (NMHDA)

Nepal Micro Hydropower Development Association was established, in 1992, by eight privately run micro hydropower development firms/companies to set as an umbrella organisation of those dedicated to serve the nation with micro hydropower technology, skill and expertise. The Association is also to support formulating policies, plans and programmes to concerned agencies. Likewise, professional welfare is one of it’s objectives.


NMHDA Objectives..


Nepal Micro Hydropower Development Association was established in 1992 AD with the view to be an umbrella for the firms and companies working to develop micro hydropower in the country spending their skill, knowledge and expertise of surveying, designing, manufacturing of turbines and other necessary equipment, installation, commissioning, and even after- sales services. This was an effort of eight enthusiastic private sector entrepreneurs who intend to contribute to the country with own professionalism. Thus protecting the professional rights of members and those who are working in this technical sector has been one of its objectives. To contribute to national economic progress by advancing micro hydro industry in Nepal and to assist its members in fulfilling the task, NMHDA pays due attention to followings.

  • A lobby group to influence micro/mini/small hydropower policy.
  • To provide technical support to its members in order to enhance technological knowhow and skill.
  • To be focal point for the micro hydro activities in Nepal.
  • Working jointly with regional and global players of the sector.
  • Conducting activities for promotion, training, research and other jobs for the sector.          

NMHDA members have played a crucial role in furnishing the micro hydro resource of Nepal from last 40 years. To date, about 2500 micro hydro plants are providing a worthy and much needed service to the villages of Nepal. These hydropower plants are becoming main source of energy in villages and becoming popular amongst the rural people, mostly women whose time have been saved a lot. 

NMHDA has been working as a key body bridge for Nepal Government, various donor agencies to connect with private firms and companies contributing in micro hydropower development sector as its objectives. 

Nepal Micro Hydropower Development Association 
GPO Box: 8975 EPC 5155
131 Shahid Shukra Marg (way to FNCCI) Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone No.: (977 01) 4230678; 01 4231024 Fax No.: (977 01) 01 4231024 

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