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Techno Village as a synonym of Micro and Mini Hydro power Development

Techno Village Overview:

Techno Village Private Limited (TVPL) is the consulting/ contracting business providing consulting services in hydropower. Relying on detailed knowledge of the geology, river characteristics, construction industry and socioeconomic situation in Nepal, Techno Village aims to produce appropriate design and development solutions. Techno Village gives priority to the use of local skills, technology and protection of the environment introducing indigenous and practical new technologies where appropriate. Techno Village comprises of highly qualified and experienced professional engineers, geologist, environmentalist, socio-economist and complete team of support staff in CAD, survey and administration. Further, we are pleased to introduce Techno Village Pvt. Ltd. as a Manufacturer of Electronic Circuits, ELC, IGC, Panel Boards, PV modules, and Supplier & Installer of Hydro Power Plants.


Strategic Objectives:

• To continue with construction of hydropower,

tunneling, water & waste water and other infrastructure

works as our core business.

• To operate a survey & design business.

To operate an equipment rental and maintenance

• To operate construction related production and services

• To formulate and realize hydropower investment plans.

• To develop Hydropower Projects.

• To excel in all our activities.


Quality Policy:

Techno Village Pvt. Ltd. is committed to building up the economy of Nepal by realizing the vision through

engaging in construction, hydropower development and related activities by fulfilling customer needs and

expectation at affordable price with international quality in service and products by fulfilling all legal requirements and continually improving established Quality Management System.



We value the conservation, management and enhancement of the environment. Techno Village is committed to providing quality and Competitive products and services to satisfy customers need and conducting business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, through.



We are committed to enabling people to share in the processes of making decisions that affect them.


Our Employees:

Our employees are our strength. We value the skills, qualifications and experience of our employees. We have highly qualified and competent Design Engineers, Project Managers, Site Supervisors, and Environment and Community related staff, who are constantly supported by a number of very, experienced national and international Hydropower professionals and consultants.



We seek to be truthful and transparent. We will act honestly in handling goods and money, respect others and show responsibility in fulfilling our duties.



We strive to treat fairly our staff, our customers, our suppliers and the communities in which we operate.


Professional Competence:

We desire to excel in our work and to improve our competence. We expect to achieve demonstrable results.



We seek to identify with people, their needs and aspirations, sharing our time and capabilities without

considering any tasks too menial or demeaning.


Our Scope:

• Consulting service in hydro projects

• Micro/Mini hydropower Installation

• Turbine and accessories Fabrication

• PCB Designing and Circuit Fabrication

• Electronic Load Controller (ELC) manufacturing

• Induction Generator Controller (IGC) manufacturing

• OV/UV & OF/UF and protection circuit manufacturing

• Control and Protection System

• HT/LT Distribution Network




 Number of Projects Installed: 18

Total Installed Capacity: 288 kW


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